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Book Review: Me Before You

Last week was rainy and dreary. You know the kind of weather... the kind that leaves you wanting to do nothing but curl up with a book and mug of something warm. Despite the desire to stay home with a book and tea, I ventured out to the office. The entire time I sat at my desk I wanted nothing more than to get back to my latest read - Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.

You're first introduced to Louisa - Lou to her family - Clark, a 26-year old working class girl, who knows the steps to her house, the safety to her small town brings, and that she loves her boyfriend. After losing her job, she's forced to find something new.

The new job brings her to Will Traynor, a wealthy, handsome, 35 year old who happens to be a quadriplegic. His mother is seeking a caregiver to assist him with day-to-day tasks such as eating, driving him to doctor's appointments, and general companionship.

As expected, the two don't hit it off right away. Their relationship is tense, but it grows. Their story becomes one of love and admiration leaving Lou not knowing as much as she originally thought she did.

Have the tissues close, as the tears will arrive. Ms. Moyes takes on a political issue without making you realize what she's done. Don't worry. It's not in your face and I can't tell you for 100 percent certainty, which side she stands.

If you read and enjoyed The Fault in Our Stars, then you'll love this one just as much. If you have yet to read it, don't worry you can add both to the list of books to read. Both are very different stories, so don't think you'll be reading the same story twice.

I'd love to discuss this one. Anyone else read it and want to share their thoughts?

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