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DIY Bedroom Art - Part II

As you may recall, I tried let my inter artist out. Well the more I looked at that painting above the bed, the more I just didn't like it.

So that painting became this:

I'll be the first to admit taking an iPhone photo without the flash or better lighting wasn't the best approach, but you get the idea. I painted the canvas white and then simply did a quick pass writing out the words. I then went over it a couple of times with paint really loaded up on the brush and a few strokes with a wet brush to get a varied affect. 

This project has lead me to completely turn the bedroom upside down. I have plans to move this on a different wall. I ordered various fabric samples with plans for new curtains, a toss pillow or two, and a few art projects. I even purchased a new arm chair. 

Now I'm thinking I might need to take few days off work and have a staycation knocking out the new to-do list I created for myself. Do you ever bring something into your home to find it didn't work like you thought it would? Please tell me it's not just me. 

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Book Review: The Secret Keeper

"The Secret Keeper" explores dreams, desires and the lengths people go to make them a reality, and the life long consequences they can have. It's a story of love, friendships, dreams, and schemes.

The party comes to an abrupt end as Laurel watches her mother do something she never imagined, impacting her view of her mother for years to come. Kate Morton takes you on a journey, seamlessly switching between past and present to explain who Laurel's mother was and why she saw what she saw.

While the story was good, it took me almost 200 pages to really become invested. Regardless, it was a good story. I just would have cut out almost 40 percent of it.

There's a good chance I was the only one that found this book cumbersome at times. The story is good and left me surprised as to the ending, so I'd recommend it for that alone. I'd just advise patience.

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Friday Cocktails: Fizzy Old Fashioned

Not sure why this is the case, but I only want an Old Fashioned during the cool winter months. The spicy rye with a hint of citrus just makes me think of the holidays. I know. I know. Most people think spiked egg nog. Wait, why are we talking holidays in the middle of June?

Let's focus on the beautiful weather we've been enjoying here in DC for the past couple of days. It's the kind of weather that requires a lighter cocktail for sitting on the back porch with. And I just can't get down with vodka or gin, so I present to you the Fizzy Old Fashioned or my summer old fashioned.

Fizzy Old Fashioned

1.5 oz rye (I used Cotoctin Creek cask strength.)
0.5 oz fresh lemon juice
dash of Peychaud's Bitters
chilled blood orange soda

In a chilled rocks glass, add a few ice cubes and everything but the soda. Give a quick stir and top with the soda. Garnish with an orange slice and cherry if you have one handy. 

Cheers to summer!

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Documentary: A Place at the Table

Did you know 1 in every 4 children within the United States don't know where their next meal is going to come from? I find it very troubling that in one of the richest countries we cannot provide healthy food for our citizens.

I promise not to go on a big political rant. Instead, if you live in Washington, DC, I'd like to ask you to join me at the screening of "A Place at the Table" tomorrow evening at the AMC Loews Georgetown. This is a documentary from the people who brought you "Food Inc." You learn more about the issue of hunger through the stories of three people struggling with not having enough food.

You can still buy tickets and make a contribution to Martha's Table to help feed those in the Washington, DC community. I hope to see you there!

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Saturday morning at a lavender farm

When I first learned of a lavender farm about an hour outside of Washington, DC in Virginia, I ran the idea past Keith as being a nice Saturday adventure. His immediate response was "Andrea and Jaime aren't free?" 

Taking the hint, I took the idea to the ladies. Thankfully, they were up for a little road trip into the Virginia countryside. It was a pleasant morning filled with the wonderful scent of lavender and a French inspired brunch of buttery croissants and mimosas.

There was talk of taking our next adventure north to explore Gettysburg on horse back. Again I suggested the idea to Keith so he could have first refusal. Again he suggested that be a ladies day out. I have no idea where his sense of adventure went.

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