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Recipe: Bourbon Nectarine Ice Pops

Remember Pop-Ice as a kid? I loved those things. However, my mom wasn't the biggest fan of them and wouldn't buy them regularly. Something about all the sugar.

When I came across these silicone molds at my favorite store, Hill's Kitchen, I was just full of ideas. (If you don't have a Hill's Kitchen, you can find the molds at Target and Amazon.)  And don't you know, those ideas included bourbon. Let's up the ante on a childhood favorite. I tried to balance the bourbon with fresh nectarines.  Combine all this with the heat wave DC is experiencing at the moment, and you have a wonderful idea.

Bourbon Nectarine Ice Pops

1/2 c. simple syrup
3 nectarines
3 T. bourbon

1. Make the simple syrup by combining 1/4 cup sugar with a 1/4 cup water. Heat the combination until the sugar dissolves and remove from heat. Allow this to cool to room temperature.

2. Pit and slice the nectarines. You can peal the nectarines if you want a smoother pop. I didn't peel, partly for the texture and partly because I'm lazy.

3. Place the nectarines, simple syrup and bourbon in a food processor. Pulse about 12 times until relatively smooth.

4. Transfer the mixture to a large measuring cup. This makes it easier to pour the nectarine/bourbon mixture into the molds.

5. Freeze for at least one hour. Don't forget the bourbon will keep it from freezing solid.

6. Enjoy!

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July 4th on the Mall

Too bad we can't pick the day of the week that major holidays fall on. If so, I wouldn't have agreed to the Fourth of July taking place on a Thursday. Friday at the office was rough and threw me completely out of whack. Very technical explanation - I know. 

Unlike last year, Keith and I had a quiet day at home filled with red velvet cake and some of the best barbecue chicken. Around 8:30 pm we walked down to the National Mall to take in the show. Neither of us are big fans of large crowds, but this is one of the few times a year we make an exception. I just don't feel like you can live where we do and not walk over. If only, my picture did it full justice. 

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